Vision Mission Values

Our Vision

To transform the built environment and give human character and expression to the spaces in which we live.

Our vision is unambiguous, ambitious, and designed to keep us one step ahead of the market. It defines why we exist and how we intend to maintain clear leadership in our category.

We believe the concept of transformation is a crucial ingredient in our ongoing success. By creating aesthetic and functional products that deliver this capacity for transformation, we will remain a relevant and consumer driven organisation.

Our Mission

To harness superior thinking in the creation of products that functionally and visually enhance the spaces in which people live whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

There is every chance that for some of our customers JELD-WEN is the biggest company they still don’t know. It’s a nice problem to have, as our products and brands are the best known and trusted in the business.

However, our promise “to transform the way you live” will increasingly become a reality as consumers become more familiar with our name, and experience the JELD-WEN brand first-hand. It will be an experience delivered by an ongoing commitment to product quality and customer service, and by adherence to our mission statement.

Our Values

People, Passion, Place

We care deeply about People: our own people, our partners and customers, and the communities to which we belong.

Passion is the fuel that drives our culture. It defines our mindset and energises our business.

We take seriously our responsibility to the environment. Through our actions we contribute towards creating a better place for future generations.

These are values that are embedded in our culture. Our values are central to who we are and how we operate. We take them very seriously. We have three cornerstone values that drive our attitude and approach externally and our behaviours and expectations internally.

Our commitment is absolute and long-term.

We will invest and innovate in order to achieve our Vision, Values and Mission.