Custom Laminated Glass - Overview

Laminated Glass is a Grade A safety glass configured with an interlayer inserted between two or more panes of glass. It is then bonded together by heat and pressure to create a durable, high performance glazing material tailored to meet specific requirements. The interlayer is made from polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and does not impact the transparency of the glass. The safety feature of Laminated Glass is created by the bond and strength of the interlayer, which holds the glass pane together in the event of breakage.

Almost all glass types, including clear, tinted, coated, toughened, painted (on either pane 1 or 4 only) and printed glass can be laminated, dependant on the application.

JELD-WEN Glass Australia offers a range of interlayer types and thicknesses, to meet the individual requirements of your project.

Not only is this technology a first in the Australian market, but when you combine this capability with an IGU or Custom Laminate the possibilities of where this can be used really are limited only by the imagination.


The perfect solution when safety and security is top priority.

Due to the breakage type, Laminated Glass can be customised for windows, doors, and overhead canopy structures.

With the ability to custom laminate any glass for specialist security applications, combinations can be tailored for military vehicles, banks, embassies and jails, where diverse levels of threat need to be accommodated.

Customised make ups can be designed to meet acoustic requirements and minimise sound transmission.

Solar performance and enhance energy efficiency can also be maximised with tailored glass options.

And now, with the recent introduction of painted and printed glass, JELD-WEN Glass Australia can also offer Laminated Glass for decorative applications such as glass floors.