Custom Laminated Glass - Specifications

Options & Possibilities

  • Maximum Size 4500 x 2400mm
  • Interlayer Colours Clear, Translucent
  • Interlayer Thickness 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.52mm and by increments of 0.38mm
  • Interlayer Materials PVB, EVA, SG, sound control, anti-vandal composites
  • Other interlayer options available on request

Ordering & Specifying

Ensure the glass type, interlayer type and thickness, and edge finish are all provided:

  • Outer glass: thickness / type / coating position / pattern
  • Interlayer: thickness / colour
  • Inner glass: thickness / type / coating position / pattern

For all toughened/heat strengthened laminated, the minimum interlayer to be used is 0.76mm.

Technical Mandatories

Glazing compounds and sealants may react with the Laminated Glass.

  • For installations JELD-WEN Glass Australia recommends a non-acidic silicone with a neutral base be used
  • Storage Instructions: Glass should be stored in an upright position, under the following conditions:
    • In a dry, well-ventilated warehouse
    • Under no circumstances stored outside
    • Glass should be separated with cork pads/paper interleaving for transport
  • The glazing system should allow for water drainage or be watertight
  • Laminated Glass edges should not be left exposed