Glass Processing - Specifications

Options & Possibilities

Process Minimum Size Maximum Size
Cutting 300mm x 80mm 6000mm x 2500mm
Polishing 300mm x 80mm 4200mm x 2500mm
Toughening 300mm x 80mm 4800mm x 2440mm
Double Glazing 350mm x 180mm 3500mm x 2500mm
Painting 300mm x 80mm 4000mm x 1800mm
Printing 300mm x 100mm 4000mm x 2400mm
Custom Laminate 350mm x 180mm 4200mm x 2500mm

Note, Maximum sizes may be impacted by glass availability and processing requirements.

Ordering & Specifying

When specifying and ordering JELD-WEN Glass Australia products, please confirm the following:

  • Glass: thickness / type / coating position / pattern
  • Processing: annealed / toughened / heat strengthened / heat soak
  • Edgework: arris / flat smooth / flat polish
  • Holes / Cut outs – with drawings to confirm type & location

Technical Mandatories

Storage Instructions: Glass should be stored in an upright position, under the following conditions:

  • In a dry, ventilated warehouse
  • Under no circumstances stored outside
  • Glass should be separated with cork pads / paper interleaving for transport