Insulated Glass Units - Overview

Insulated Glass Units are manufactured using two (2) or more pieces of glass, separated by a spacer, then sealed. Glass on its own is a poor insulator, allowing heat to transfer at a high rate. IGU’s provide insulation as the layer of air or argon sealed between the two (2) or more panes of glass is a superior insulator.

By combining different glass types, spacer widths and spacer types, IGU's are able to provide insulation and increase or reduce solar heat gain, whilst also providing safety, privacy, noise reduction, and natural light.

Not only is this technology a first in the Australian market, but when you combine this capability with an IGU or Custom Laminate the possibilities of where this can be used really are limited only by the imagination.


A well-insulated and well-designed home/building will provide year-round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills by up to half, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With Windows contributing up to 20% of heat loss and up to 35% of heat gain to the overall building envelope, correct glass selection is imperative. In order to meet the BCA’s energy efficiency requirements, IGU’s are the ultimate glazing solution.

Typically, to meet the energy efficiency requirements, IGU’s can be used across windows, doors and roof applications, in residential homes, apartments, townhouses, office buildings and shopping centres.

Spacer Options

JELD-WEN Glass Australia offers one spacer option:


From a technological perspective, this is the ultimate in innovative spacer technology. When comparing with an aluminium spacer, a T-Spacer is constructed from flexible, silicone foam, delivering a greater degree of insulation than any other spacer on the market, with the lowest total U Value available. Our units have the highest condensation resistance, and are the cleanest units, with a consistent sightline, including sharp 90° corners.

Manufactured using a fully-automated, state of the art line, IGU’s have no human interaction throughout the process, which maximises the quality of the units manufactured. The time taken for manufacturing is also significantly reduced, through faster spacer application, and elimination of desiccant filling and corner key assembly. T-Spacer units are sealed with a PIB primary seal and Polysulphide and silicon secondary seal. A structural secondary seal is also available.

JELD-WEN Glass Australia are the only manufacturer in Australia with this leading spacer technology. That, and access to the latest in glass technology, we can work with you in achieving optimum performance, created specifically for your project.

Stepped Units:

Stepped units up to 50mm for structural glazing; 1,2,3 or 4 sides. A silicon coverage of the step area, all in automatic mode.