Painted Glass - Specifications

Options & Possibilities

Painted Glass is available in a range of thickness’ from 4mm to 19mm, dependant on the glass type it is being applied to. The maximum width available is 1800mm wide.

Ordering & Specifying

When ordering or specifying Painted Glass, it’s all in the detail. Please confirm the following:

  • Glass Type and Thickness
  • Edgework Finish
  • Any processing, such as holes, notches etc
  • All drawings to show any processing should be viewed from the room, looking at the non-painted surface
  • When specifying the colour, ensure the following is provided: Dulux or ICA, Name of the Colour and Paint Code

Technical Mandatories

Glazing compounds and sealants may react with the Painted Glass.

  • For installations JELD-WEN Glass Australia advises only a non-acidic silicone with a neutral base be used
  • Storage Instructions: Glass should be stored in an upright position, under the following conditions:
    • In a dry, ventilated warehouse
    • Under no circumstances stored outside
    • Glass should be separated with cork pads / paper interleaving for transport