Architect: MVRDV

Printed By: AGC Glass Europe

Photos by: Jeroen Musch, MVRDV, Persbureau van Eijndhoven

Location: Schijndel, the Netherlands


Printed Area: 1800m2

Number of Panels: 500

Colours: Full colour print (digital mix)

Glass Type: IGU’s

The building, inspired by the traditional Schijndel farm, is located in the market square of small Dutch town Schijndel, where MVRDV partner Winy Maas grew up. All of the remaining historical local farms were photographed, measured, and analyzed. From the images and data collected MVRDV began to piece together the image and shape of this farm. The image was then printed onto the 1800m2 glass façade using Dip-Tech's digital ceramic printing on glass. The designers played with the levels of translucency depending on the need for light and views throughout the structure. The Glass Farm stands at 14 meters high and is 1.6 times larger than a real farm symbolizing the village's growth and expansion into a town. Another playful element the designers added was superimposing a four meter high farm door so that adults will have that nostalgic feeling of being a small child again.