Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Glass Processor: Goldray Industries

Architect: Epstein

Designer: Thirst

Photographer: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing


Completed: 2014

Printed Area: 350 m 2 Internal

Number of Panels: 120

Colours: Full colour print (digital mix)

Glass Type: 13mm Laminate

Digital ceramic glass printing was used to create functional and uniquely designed glasses for the O'Hare International Airport T5. The two story interior curtain wall serves as a barrier to private areas and directs foot traffic to the security checkpoint. The color bands and geometric shapes of the designed glass were printed in a gradient to ensure the flow of natural light without diminishing its privacy function. The design seamlessly connects the curtain wall to the printed glass wall cladding which creates an aesthetic walkway for passersby. The wall also doubles as a backing to the retail shops and demarcates the restrooms. Lastly the digitally printed glass guard rail on the upper level creates a separation between passengers on the lower level waiting to depart and the passengers disembarking from their flights and simultaneously creates a shared experience as they are viewing the same image just at different stages of their journey.